I grew up in a dying steel town surrounded by hills. The steel mills were the lifeblood of the town… even as they were closing, family and friends would say it was a good life, a good living. By the time I would have been old enough to work there, I already knew I never would. I went on to college and studied art as an undergrad. No one could understand what sense that made, sometimes even me. Life in the mills would have been back-breaking, but to me art was always the hardest thing I could imagine doing.

When I stopped doing commercial work to concentrate on art, I reconnected with my interest in landscape and how it affects me. I wanted to see things for what they are and for what they were, I wanted to see the depth of a place. And I wanted to tell those stories.Within those stories of place, though, I know that I also take pictures because I want to find out where I am in the world… how I'm situated. I use my cameras to try and understand that.

Vaughn Wascovich received his BFA from Youngstown State University. After several years in advertising and working as a freelance photographer, he returned to school to earn his MFA at Columbia College in Chicago. He currently lives and works from Commerce, Texas where he is an Associate Professor of Photography.

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